DIGITAL MARKETING - Local Business Listing

Local business listing is better understood as a strategy under local digital marketing. In other words, local business listing is used to target customers from a particular locality. A local business listing is an online profile or entry that contains the details of your business including name, address and phone number. This entry is usually provided on a popular website or directory so that it easily appears on a local search result.

Local business listing effortlessly assists you in becoming more popular in the locality your business serves.  Another advantage is that once your business details are listed in a website or in multiple websites, your ranking in local searches will improve. In other words, local business listing can act as an SEO tactic and make your business more visible to online searchers.

Local Business Listing service provided by Emerge Infotech helps you submit and manage local business listings so that you get more traffic to your website.

Our strategies include:

  • Identifying Important Attributes
  • Adding Categories to Business Listings
  • Adding Image
  • Adopt Free Local Business Listing
  • Links and Citations
  • Reviews and Ratings

Your benefits include:

  • Enhance Business Visibility
  • Easy Geo-targeting
  • Drive Website Traffic
  • Grow Customer Base


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing methodology used to increase the visibility of a website in natural or unpaid search results in a search engine.

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